Post Indicators & Hydrants

hydrant_04We supply two brands of post indicators and hydrants. American Flow Control’s Darling Hydrant, introduced in 1962, exceeds all requirements to AWWA C502.

United Water Products manufactures a high quality hydrant to the strict standard of AWWA C502 and is rated at 250psi.

American Flow Control – 5 1/4″ B-84-B-5 Standard Features

  • Upper barrel is furnished with an E-caot primer and a two-part polyurethane top coat for durability, gloss and colour retention
  • Ductile iron upper and lower barrels and base
  • Easy 3600 rotation of nozzle section
  • 250 psig rated working pressure
  • Shell Tested at 500 psig
  • Lubrication chamber
  • Stainless steel bolting below grade
  • Bronze-to-bronze seating
  • Short, lightweight disassembly wrench
  • Travel stop nut located in top of hydrant
  • Positive compression, fast-closing drains


  • Spring-Loaded Multiport Drains
  • Near Vertical Hydrant Valve
  • Lubrication Chamber
  • Top Travel Stop Nut


Both hydrants are Underwriter Laboratories listed and Factory Mutual approved.